Growing food, cooking food, and traveling to where good food is found are my passions. (Well, these and my wife and daughter). If I wasn’t a photographer, and won the lottery, I would have a café on a farm where I could grow all the food prepared for the meals and be the chef too. Of course there would have to be a lot of smart, hard-working people around me to help out because – really – those are the hardest jobs you could wish for. I’d also have a small boat and a cabin on a lake in Maine.

Once I was shooting a very small yet functional wine cellar on the rocky coast of Italy. It was a walk-in basement of a four-story home that had been in the same family since the sixteenth century. It was such a cool experience that when I got home I started digging under the concrete slab of my home. Then my wife came home.

I better start buying those Lotto tickets, or I could just keep shooting.